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All Saints, South Wingfield, Derbyshire

07/08/2015: There's something satisfyingly simple and lovely about the inside of this church. The polish on the parquet may have something to do with it, though the new stonework outside is shockingly bodged.

In the churchyard is a much worn, unidentifiable, cross-legged effigy, looking somewhat dumped. Close to the church wall is a memorial to John Hopkinson and four of his children. The letter cutter made a very neat job of the letters, but grammar and spelling were not his strong suits.

James Taylor died in 1753 and the front of his headstone records his name, age, date of death. All very conventional. The back of the stone, however, shines a little more light on the man. "Farewell vain world I've known enough of thee. and now I am careless what thou Sayes of me: thy smiles I cort not nor thy frowns Hear my cares are past my head lieth quiat here. what falts thou sawest in me now strive to shun, there is worke enough within thee to be done." Variations on this text can be seen widely but this one does seem to have an edge to it. The bottom of the stone, now sinking beneath the ground, shows a skull, spade and a branch.

In a sheltered corner near the church wall is a lovely collection of 17C and 17C headstones, sadly eroding away.

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