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St Giles, Marston Montgomery, Derbyshire

28/01/2016: The box tomb of John Wooley, dated 1701, is somewhat decayed and the whole thing is shifting now in the soft ground, but the top slab clearly has a back-story. Given the wear on the top surface and the cutout on one long side, I wonder if it once stood against the church wall and suffered erosion from rain runoff.

A buttress on the south wall has been inscribed with the names of churchwardens in 1698 and 1877 as each incumbent oversaw repairs and maintenance of the fabric of the building. A fine tradition.

Sarah Cope died in 1861 aged 37 years. Her headstone says, "It is well that I was afflicted". This is a statement of piety not an expression of masochism, from Psalm 119:71. However, I wonder if that was her opinion or the person who commissioned the headstone.

Leah Rawlins lived in the village of Stramshall in Uttoxeter. Difficult word Stramshall... Whatever the spelling on the first attempt, the letter cutter should have left it alone. When errors are made, here are the options.

In 1687, John Copestake, aged 11, died and was buried at Marston Montgomery. His naively cut headstone, set on the outer west wall, has reversed Ns throughout. The lintel above the south door has a scratch dial, but since the dial was made a porch has been added, rendering it less useful.

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