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St Clement, Horsley, Derbyshire

19/04/2016: (Locked) An attractive church, though locked on the day I visited so I couldn't explore inside. The ground immediately to the south and east of the church has very few gravestones but some flower beds and carefully maintained lawns. I wonder if there was a deliberate move to clear this area of memorials for ease of maintenance?

The outside east wall of the nave shows at the top the old roof line of the chancel.

Samuel Parker died in 1810 aged 101 years. He was born in the year of the Great Frost - the coldest winter for 500 years. His headstone says his "Sublunary destiny ended, the 25th of February 1810".

The headstone for the six year old Elizabeth Hope starts well, with the top line almost centered on the stone. From there on the letter cutter seems to have had a preference for the left side of the slate as every line is positioned a couple of inches left of where it aught to be.

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